Castle of ORAVA
The castle has been built on top of the castle-hill, and now as a result of gradual expansions occupies the whole of the hill. Only guided tours are organized. Tickets are sold next to the parking area at the bottom of the hill. The ticket shows to which group starting at what time one is supposed to join. As the start of the respective group is signalled by the guide in Slovakian, by shouting out the time of the set-off, it is worth attending a beginners' course in Slovakian before the trip in order to understand these easily.
Living pictures performed by young employees of the castle  contribute to the historic atmosphere.

These young men are not security guards: they are participating in a performance, which in addition to delighting spectators also offered some time to regain one's strength after climbing so many stairs.

This is not the uppermost level...
Model of the castle.
It received two stars from VÁRmánia.
Orava is situated here