Castles in Austria
Finkenstein am Faaker See - Forchtenstein - Gmünd - Griffen - Güssing - Hochosterwitz - Hohenwerfen - Landsee - Landskron - Lockenhaus - Rosegg - Sommeregg - Stadtschlaining - Taggenbrunn
A tiny castle with an open-air theatre, pub and snack-bar. There is no entrance fee. One can enjoy a beautiful view on the nearby lake. Guide-posts often refer to it as Burgarena. The last direction sign can be found next to a Spar supermarket, then one should take a small street on the right, which can easily be missed (we overlooked it for the first time). If one feels like a walk, from Finkenstein a 40-minute-long path leads up to the castle. 

A fascinating sight from outside, an interesting castle from inside. Easy to find, guided tours are organized.  It has a rich collection of weapons and a kitchen with old utensils. We suggest warm clothes when visiting. 

Main sight of the town is the Porsche-museum,  visiting only the castle does not necessarily make a very rich programme. 

Great time to have a rest close to the motorway, with free parking and free entrance. Shops, restaurant and confectionary in the village, a limestone cave next to the castle. 

A beautiful castle in good condition. No obligatory guided tours, one can make pleasant walks in the chambers and the court. 

A fascinating sight from a distance, although its museum is not very rich, and explanatory texts are only in German. For the fact the it is the 'Pride of Carinthia', we expected more. Inner court was full of tables and chairs of the restaurants.
The late castellan, Herr Burghauptmann Schenk seems to be the main attraction, also depicted with a 7.2-feet-tall (2.2 metres) waxwork soldier in his original armour. 

Professional guidance and audio-interpretation in English, German, French as well as Hungarian and Czech. The castle and its chambers are in good condition, it can be regarded more as visiting a castle-museum than wandering on ruins. On the castle-court there are bars and snack-bars and restaurants. 

Not very fashionable ruins of a castle, offering a nice trip on a large area. 

The castle, situated close to Villach, is on the way for those driving on the motorway. It offers a delightful view from top of the hill and also a collection of predator birds and an eagle-flight show. There is a low fee to be paid at the bottom of the winding road for those driving up to the parking place. 

A castle in good condition, it is well worth a visit. Surrounding the building there is a nice court, where 3D chess can be played. 

Rosegg offers a programme of at least half but perhaps as long as one day. There is a wildlife park around the castle with animals living free. You will find domestic animals close to the entrance, a hedge labyrinth on the other side of the road. It was an unforgettable experience for us. 

A small castle of medium condition, with an exhibition on torture and a delightful small garden. 

An impressing sight, which is completely devoted to a modern exhibition. 

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