Castle of BOJNICE
Bojnice is more of a palace than a castle. It is beautifully renovated, offering a picturesque collection of furniture and paintings. 
Visit is only allowed with a guide. Unfortunetely for us it proved to be quite tiring, as the guide only spoke in Slovakian, and also provided a joke in every chamber, naturally performed in her mother tongue, which delighted the part (approximately 20%) of the audience understanding her. After some time American visitors felt they were fed up and claimed that some information should be added in English as well.
From this time on, all paintings were introduced by the attentive guide with a variant of the following two sentences: 'This is a very interesting picture. It is very important in our history.' All in all, there is an extremely rich museum in the palace, and all the paintings are principal objects of Slovakian history. 
There is a nice zoo close to the palace.

Bojnice received one star from VÁRmánia.
Bojnice is situated here