Castle of CSÓKAKŐ
Castle of Csókakő is in Fejér county, not too far from the town of Mór.
It can be seen on the side of the Vértes mountains already from a distance. It is beautiful in spring, when flowers and fruit-trees blossom in the gardens of Csókakő.
The castle has been under reconstruction for a long time.

The walls are in a ruinous condition.

The reconstruction works seem to progress from upstairs. At the top everything is finished. The place of the formerly standing walls is neatly marked and the well is reconstructed. Inside the well a glass was placed to prevent anyone from falling in or dropping anything. An intellectually hindered individual has already broken the glass, probably feeling disturbed by the fact that it was nice or after seeing his reflection. In such a remote place, being unguarded, it is therefore not very advisable to place fragile things.
It is worth linking the visit with a bit of mountain-climbing or a simple trip in the Vértes. It received one and a half stars from VÁRmánia.
Csókakő is situated here