Castle of FÜZÉR
The sight of the castle of Füzér already contributes to the atmosphere of the nice trip we face.
From the paying parking place at the bottom of the castle-hill, one has to walk for about 15-20 minutes up to the castle. We had better use the term climbing, stairs leading to the entrance are steep and were carved in the rock. Comfortable hiking shoes should be worn during the visit.
Photos don't exactly reflect the condition of the stairs: their surface is rough, difference between the steps can be as much as 30-40 cms, some are even missing, which forces one to continue climbing on the rock. Taking this trip requires care, but we don't wish to talk anyone out of visiting this place, as it was beautiful. 
Only this distance has to be coped with without a break in the ankle, until we reach the entrance. 
Except for a tower renovated, the rest of the building is in a ruinous condition, renovation works are in process.
The view is spectacular.
This is the chapel of the castle, the crown has also been guarded here for a while.
Entrance of the chapel.
According to the text:
'Between November 1526 and October 1527
crown-guard Perényi Péter
had the Hungarian Sacred Crown guarded
in the storehouse of the Castle of Füzér'.

A tower in ruins, lower parts have unfortunately been closed from the public.
The court from the corner opposite the entrance. We think that the castle offers many opportunities, hopefully enough material and human resources will be devoted to the complete renovation. In this case installation of a lift or a cable-car would be necessary, like in Hohenwerfen or Güssing - or at least a less steep winding path on the castle-hill. It received two stars from VÁRmánia, also based on the future results of the continuing reconstruction works.
Füzér is situated here