Castle of GRIFFEN
The castle is situated next to the village of the same name, at the motorway A2. At a time of a longer journey it offers a comfortable rest for the driver and the passengers without obliging them to make a significant detour. There is no entrance fee, and in the centre of the village, there are restaurants, a confectionary shop and shops as well. For those who wish to spend more time in Griffen, we can recommend the limestone cave right at the path leading up to the hill.
Driving in direction of Griffen from the motorway there is a small parking area on the right-hand side, from here nice photos can be taken about the castle. Parking is free in Griffen at the church, from where we should take only a few steps until we reach the entrance of the cave and the iron stairs leading to the castle.
Reaching the top takes 15-25 minutes, largely depending on the temperature and the visitor's general physical condition. The lowest and steepest section of the path is taken on metal stairs, which leads to a road of quite low quality. (Only the employees of the snack-bar in the castle seem to use it.)
Although not much remained of the walls, and no tower or bastion can be climbed upon, still, the view is worth the efforts.
It received one star from VÁRmánia.
The small parking area at the junction, from where the first photos were taken.
Griffen is situated here