The castle is near Werfen. Parking is free, we can get to the castle-hill on foot and by lift. There are various bars and restaurants in the court. Guided tours are obligatory, audio-interpretation is available without additional fee in English, German, French, Hungarian and Czech.
Inside of the castle was not extraordinarily interesting, we only took photos outdoors. These pictures were taken from the parking area at the nearby icecave. We recommend a trip to the latter (referred to as Eisriesenwelt) only for travellers in good physical condition, as it takes a 20-minute-long walk from the parking area until the cable-car, then another 20 minutes until the entrance (not to mention the more than hundred stairs within the cave), which is especially and literally breath-taking in summer, in the warm clothes that careful visitors put on in order not to be cold among the ice.
From a distance, the castle offers a splendid sight. In the castle, professional guides and audio-interpretation  counter-balance the fact that one is not allowed to wander freely and that the view cannot be really enjoyed through the tiny loopholes. It received one and a half stars from VÁRmánia.
Hohenwerfen is situated here