Castles in Hungary
Boldogkő - Csókakő - Diósgyőr - Füzér - Gyula - Kisnána - Márévár - Salgó - Simontornya - SirokSomoskőSümegSzigliget - Tata - Visegrád
Boldogkő is a magnificent sight already from a distance.  Visitors can walk up to the entrance from the parking area on the castle-hill. There are no guided tours in the castle.

Csókakő is a ruinous castle in Vértes mountain. Very nice in spring and autumn.

A not very attractive sight from the outside, but it offers exhibitions of a high standard.

An exciting trip in a picturesque part of the past. It takes 20 minutes to reach the castle from the parking place, the last section of the walk is somewhat tiring. One of the most beautiful parts of the castle, which is under renovation, is the chapel.

Gyula is a castle in good condition, with nice exhibitions. There is a bath nearby.

Ruins on a small area, so it can be walked around comfortably. If you are lucky and find it is open, the castle most probably offers a nice view from the tower.

Márévár is a ruin of a small castle in the middle of a forest. 

A pleasant walk will take you to the castle through the forest. There is a marvellous view on the neighbouring hills and also on the castle of Somoskő.

Simontornya is a castle in relatively good condition, but honestly, it is not so impressing.

One can reach the top of the castle-hill on a comfortable and safe road, though the castle itself is quite neglected. This provides a wonderful experience but requires care when visiting.

There is a Hungarian village at the bottom of the castle, but the building itself is on Slovakian territory. It is more comfortable to park at the castle and climb up from there, while the Slovakian side offers a beautiful but longer walk in the woods until the entrance. 

It offers a rich selection of programmes in the summer, but one feels lonely, when visiting off season.

A pleasant trip, with a breath-taking view on lake Balaton.

The castle is in good condition, it is surrounded by a nice park. You can make a trip by ship on the lake nearby.

A castle of high historical significance, near the capital of Hungary. It is very much worth seeing, but the entrance fees are relatively high.