Castle of ROSEGG
There is a large animal park around the castle. One can make a round-trip on the path in the park, one of the ramifications leads you to the castle.
Tickets can be bought at the entrance, where there is a snack-bar as well. In the external part there are various territories with rabbits, sheep, donkeys, while deer and fawns have a larger enclosure. In the inner parts there is no fence between the visitors and the animals. Naturally all species there are herbivores, except for the lynx, which is fenced off.
Animals are used to the presence of humans, some of them need to be literally stepped over, when they are having rest on the path.

The castle is in a very ruinous condition, at first sight it seems that the whole building consists of this one tower; however, when walking on, other sections of the walls can be seen.

Rosegg is an unforgettable experience, requiring at least half a day from the visitor: a wonderful animal park, where you can walk among the wild animals, a romantic ruin on the hill, with a splendid view. Domestic animals at the entrance, a hedge labyrinth on the other side of the road (we did not visit it because of lack of time) as well as a palace a bit farther, with an exhibition. Let's devote enough time for this trip.
Rosegg received altogether three stars for the castle and the animal park from VÁRmánia.
Rosegg is situated here