Castle of SOMOSKŇ
Castle of Somosk§ is at the edge of Somosk§˙jfalu. The village belongs to Hungarian, the castle itself to Slovakian territory. A few years ago we made a trip to it from the Slovakian side; from here a nice 20-30- minute-long walk leads you to the castle across the forest, it is worth trying once. On the Hungarian side there is a parking place below the castle, since our joining the Schengen area it has been obviously easier to climb up from here.
These photos were taken from the neighbouring castle of Salgˇ.

When we visited it for the first time, we did not take photos, and for the second time we could not go up because the road was covered with ice. After visiting it in the near future, we will upload further pictures.
It received one and a half stars from V┴Rmßnia.
Somosk§˙jfalu is situated here