Castle of VISEGRÁD
Castle of Visegrád is on the top of the castle-hill on the bank of the Danube. At the bottom of the castle there is a paying parking area. Tickets can be bought at the entrance of the castle, and we can see various birds (e. g. titmice and nuthatches) at the nearby bird-table.
A breath-taking view on the Danube-bend.
There are waxworks in the castle. One of the scenes is about a royal feast...
the other is about an exciting dance-party.
Exhibitions present weapons and hunts.
Photo of an air photo on the castle.
It is absolutely worth making a trip to the castle of Visegrád also because of its role in Hungarian history. As the capital is close to it, you have to count on many visitors, and the entrance fees also make you feel that it is a fashionable sight.
Visegrád received two stars from VÁRmánia.
Visegrád is situated here